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General Life Update

So, I realized today that I haven't posted here much this year. How'd that happen??

I've spent a lot of the year metaphorically holding my breath. Still am, in a few areas. Waiting for life things to resolve before I talk about them. Certainly that has had an impact on me feeling like I have less to say.

But this year has had a number of things worth sharing - mostly, art and music related.

I printed a few of my photos (and one piece of my art) as float wraps through a pro photo printing service. They look fantastic, hung on my walls. I went a lot bigger than I normally do, and floats instead of framed photos, which means no glare. I'm really proud of how just those few special touches make this house feel more like home.

Earlier in the year, I put together a photo book, printed via, that showcases my photography of Missouri landscapes and local attractions. It's physical, not something I can share online, but again, I'm really proud of how it turned out.

I started a journal for my project ideas, since they come faster than I can complete them. Its cover was plain brown cardboard, and then I painted it with many layers of acrylics, and added decorations and lettering. Thrilled with how it ended up looking, and it's serving as a very good record of project ideas, project completion, and brainstorming starters.

I have been learning to sew with a local sewing teacher, and have completed a few projects. From scratch, a gathered skirt, that I love to wear... then took a dress that was gorgeous but didn't quite fit, and altered it to flatter me better... altered a t-shirt I love to flatter better... and I'm working on a dress design for a piecework dress. I'm delighted by the results of being able to sew, and very comfortable now in the process - I'm a peaceful, quiet, happy worker when I'm sewing.

I am beginning to explore painting, both through physical media (acrylics and watercolors and oil pastels and colored pencils and watercolor pencils and prismacolor markers :) ) and through digital painting (kudos to Twisted Brush Pro Studio). I consider digital painting an additional medium, because just as watercolors and acrylics behave very differently, so too does digital behave very differently from physical. Twisted Brush though does an excellent job of being realistic-like painting, in contrast to Photoshop which is more just pixel manipulation. Twisted Brush has something akin to a physics engine behind it. Anyway it's gorgeous.

What I haven't been doing much of is exercising or practicing music. I was learning panflute and silver flute earlier this year, and doing well with both. Eventually I got distracted and haven't gotten back to them. Color, cloth, and paint has my fascination instead right now, and I just don't have time to do everything.

Also, I'm attempting to meet more new local friends. My hope is to eventually blend that with some of my hobby activities (such as talking while creating) but simply meeting new people takes time. Worth it though.

For the most part, life is just life... the daily routines, and me squeezing in hobby time whenever I can. I've been giving my creativity more full reign lately, and getting fantastic results.

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