Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Feeling Better

I'm doing better in life, recently. Getting a dental problem taken care of has improved my sleep quality, and I think I got over a cold recently too. My energy and interest are coming back; I'm starting to feel like me again.

I'm also working on meeting new people in St. Louis. This means ignoring my shyness, at least temporarily, and reaching out to folks I don't yet know, friends I have yet to meet. I remind myself that I've done this before, I know how it works, and the main thing I need is just patience. And persistence.

I am hoping to spend some time outdoors doing photography, sometime soon. Not sure when, not sure where. I need to make a choice before the weekend so I can get out early on Saturday... that will leave me much more time for good results. I'd like to also find someplace pretty to camp, so I can be on-site when sunset, sunrise, and morning fog all show up. Those make for awesome photos. I need to learn the camping options around Missouri, especially the ones not entirely buried in trees.

Other things going on... lots of hobbies, crafts. Good progress in my sewing class. See my facebook for a dress design sketch I'm working on [let me know if you can't find me there but want to]. I'm also playing with paints and pastels and various color art too.

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