Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Long Day

So after last night's crazy cooking marathon, I then spent a good chunk of today hiking. Based on the trail map, I estimate 3.25 miles, most of which was moderately hilly. I haven't processed photos yet but I will eventually. I wore long sleeves, so, no sun burn except on my cheeks, and they're only lightly pink. Badly wind-chapped lips though, ouch. And sore feet. Always sore feet.

I'm back home, achy, but feeling pretty satisfied with my day (that might be exercise endorphins still running in the background :) ). I also spent a bit of time practicing music, which is good, and made some progress on my sewing project ahead of my Tuesday class. Yay for productive despite tired.

Soon, it will be time for food and then bed, as I am beat. I played hard today! And I'm sure I'll be rather stiff tomorrow.

But still. Yay hiking! Yay doing the thing that was my goal for getting in shape. I'd like to double my distance, yet, but that will come by just doing it, over and over.

I had an amusing discovery the other night. We have an at-home blood pressure machine, and I decided to take a reading out of curiosity. There's a bigger-around cuff and a smaller-around cuff. I started with the big one, because that's the one I needed last time, a couple years ago. It was clown-sized too big. Heh. Guess I lost arm circumference! Got out the smaller one instead, and it fit easily. The machine won't read my bp very well though; I tend towards low, and it's reading me at 91/43. At the doc, I typically read 98/60. Of course, that number is a couple years out of date too, so maybe that changed as well. I'll find out at my next visit. Anyway just amused that my arms have toned up so much.

Whee, life. I'm happy.
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