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Ballad of Tam Lin (sheet music!)

I've been checking out free sheet music online lately, looking for things to have fun with on my panflute, and came across Digital Traditions online folk database. (Awesome!!) One of the songs they have is Tam Lin - ballad form with a ton of verses. This actually appears to closely parallel the version of the story we used at the Grove.

So, considering the enormous number of verses used to tell the story, I decided to make a multi-column layout and turn it into a PDF, so that it would be easy to print, read, and carry.

I give you: Ballad of Tam Lin (PDF).

It's based on the sheet music and verses collected at Digital Tradition. To listen to a computer version of the tune, go directly to the song on digital traditions and hit the play button. I have a suspicion though that the traditional song was played a bit faster than the computer rendering of it, with all those verses!
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