Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Dreaming, Planning, Organizing an Intentional Life

I've been working on a blend of time management, life organizing, and dream planning. My goal is to fit in steady practice and sometimes lessons for the things I would love to be able to do, as well as keeping up with the usual daily mundane stuff.

I have a ton of dreams that are could-do's; deciding which to pursue on my free evenings is a bit challenging and random right now. Being able to see whether I'm balancing my attention between them is also hard.

I'm wondering if any of my friends would be interested in (and available for) some intense, in-depth discussion of how to move from dreams to choices to plans to action. I'd prefer to stay to one-on-one or very small group. Ideally you're on a similar path yourself so our thoughts and research is complimentary, and it serves us both. I just know that I work better with a collaborator, to toss ideas around, try them out, refine and adjust.

It's not cheerleading that I need; it's verbal discussion to help move smoothly back and forth between the dreams and the practical side. There are a lot of web articles on the dreams, and a lot on project management, but far less on how to make the prioritization choices and life balance. That gap is what I want to dive into.

Time commitment: Probably an hour or two at a time, a couple nights within the coming week, and then as often or infrequently as we want after. Would be cool if we could check in periodically for a while and keep us both going. Chat is probably easiest though I can do skype or phone if it's needed.

Anyone else on this path? And want to collaborate?
Tags: collaboration, intentional_life
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