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More Mellow

Basically caught up on laundry... a few other light chores still to go. I'm cheery and fairly energetic. A little bored, but in a good way. Thinking about loved ones and fun yet to come. Appreciating the quiet days at home; I really needed that rest. Stress has melted away, and I feel so much better than I had in probably two months. I made a dent on the piles of backed up projects, too, which is encouraging.

I'm listening to music and enjoying my simple comfortable space. Mmm purrrr.

It amuses me that in this season of chaotic buying, travels, visits with family, storms, etc.... that I am completely content sitting at home with healthy food, skipping the Christmas tree and presents and decorations and everything else.... and just enjoying the peacefulness. I remember Christmas as a child with all of its excitement and such... but when Christmas eve came and night fell, what I remember most is looking out across the snowy fields, miles away from the city, with moonlight reflecting on the undisturbed snow. Silence. No cars, no sirens, no people. Just snow, and silence. It was then that I could imagine what it would be like to hear sleigh bells approaching, a mile away... a half a mile... quarter mile... just around the bend; ah, there they are. A soft jingle in the distance makes such a more beautiful sound than the commercial handbells rung in the cities - that sound like an alarm going off.

It's the peacefulness of winter that I appreciate.
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