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Mellow Holiday

Daniel and I have been home thus far for the holidays. It's been quiet... less online chat to follow, and a lot of rest for us. Excessive sleeping, even. And cleaning (we got the bedroom significantly improved a couple days ago, and tonight I made a big improvement on the basement). And some food, and more sleep.

Something finally clicked for me last night to this morning. I woke up early and full of energy, and had a productive and fun day. It's as if the tiredness, depression, and illness suddenly lifted. I then spent a few hours sitting near a (somewhat) sunny window while I crocheted and chatted online, so I would hopefully continue the upward trend.

I'm using this excess of time to work on projects I had been ignoring, like organizing the basement. It's neat to see the progress, and it's actually NOT taking nearly as much energy as I expected. I'm just relaxed, mellow, making progress. Unhurried, yet focused.

I don't quite seem to have the focus to write seriously - that's quite a bit more complex. But burning through the organizing tasks seems easier right now. I'm not going to argue. :)

Time for more laundry, and organizing mail... and then maybe another early bedtime.
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