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Reposted: Official announcement of the sale of Diana's Grove

(Reposted with permission.)

In 2010, Diana’s Grove Mystery School will be working with the story of Persephone. It is a story of cycles, and as we all know, part of the wisdom of cycles is that all things come to an end. While it is our intention that Mystery School will continue, Diana’s Grove Center, as you and we have known it, is coming to an end.

Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm founded Diana’s Grove on January 17, 1994, and for 15 years their work of myth, story and transformation has grown and deepened on this land. The Grove has been a sanctuary where people could come to experience the world of nature free from the distractions of modern city life, a place to be in touch with the natural elements and to honor wind, fire, water, and earth. A community has grown here as well – a community of people striving to find ways to heal self, world, and relationships that includes the more than 41 people who have lived and worked here, over the years, the Mystery School community, well-known guests such as Starhawk, T.Thorn Coyle, Margo Adler, Ubaka Hill, Trebbe Johnson and Steven Forrest, and the many who have come for other events or simply to experience the magic and healing to be found here.

While blessed with these wonderful supporters who have given so generously of their time, energy, and money, Diana’s Grove Center has nevertheless been suffering under the current economic climate. It’s founders no longer have the energy and stamina required to support their dream, in it’s current form, in these challenging times. They have decided to make major changes before major changes are forced upon them, and will be selling Diana’s Grove. It is their intention, and the intention of the residential and Mystery School staff, to make this transition with as much positive energy and integrity as we can.

What will that look like? Some questions will have to wait for answers as this transition unfolds, but some things we do know. We plan to continue our programming here on the land through 2010. Cynthea and Patricia anticipate sale sometime during 2010 or 2011. If the sale happens in 2010, they will ask for a closing date in late November or early December so that we can complete all Mystery School and non-Mystery School events scheduled here next year.

Mystery School will continue and… next year will be the last in this form, on this magical land. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to join Mystery School, to visit again, visit for the first time, or to introduce friends and family to this land and our work, this could be that time. We will make every event in 2010 a special one. We are planning a grand “reunion” Fall Equinox event, September 17-19, that will be open to everyone. We hope to see many old friends and familiar faces there.

For 2011, we are looking at other locations where we can gather for weekends and week-long events. We will continue seeking out the natural world as our stage for Mystery School, and working with myth, story, and transformation. Cynthea and Patricia plan to stay in the Ozarks, and continue providing a more limited Dog Rescue service. They will travel to Mystery School events and be open to doing workshops in other locations as well.

Here are a few more questions we’ve anticipated:

What happens to the land investors?
Investors in the project will be refunded any monies invested less contributions made. We are unable to refund contributions, as they were reportable as tax-deductible funds. Those who have invested in the land project will be receiving additional information shortly.

How much will the Grove sell for?
That’s one question we also share. We will know more after appraisal by a local realtor. Originally we had 102 acres (more or less). We added 40 acres last year with the land funds. Since moving here we have added the Great Room to the main house, built 15 cabins that house 62 people, added a commercial kitchen, finished the barn to include a 2-room apartment, added 2 pavilions as well as 2 large and 2 small storage buildings, lovely outdoor showers, 6 outhouses, a kennel house, a 2nd sewage lagoon, a decorative pond, a hot tub, 4 decks, and many lovely outside areas. There is no way to put a price on the magic, energy, and memories that live here.

What will happen to the trees?
We have no intention to sell to a logger.

What will happen to the dogs?
We are working diligently to find placement for many of the dogs currently at the Grove. We expect to reduce numbers by not taking more large dogs or dogs requiring long-term care. We have a resource list of alternatives for people needing shelter services. About 50 dogs will move with Cynthea and I. If you would like more information, please contact us.

What can you do to help?
Continue to support us in our transition. Come as often as you can. Recommend our work and let people know this may be the last opportunity to experience a very special and unique place and people. Do magic for the future of the Diana’s Grove philosophy and land. If you or anyone you know is interested in continuing the work here, contact us. We would dearly love to see Diana’s Grove continue in the same or similar environmental/magical tradition.

Next year we will be working with the story of Persephone. It is a story of cycles, and a fitting end to this cycle of an impossible dream, made manifest for so many years. We plan to re-tell and live out this rich, ancient story through the year, in full and reverent awareness that a beloved form is ending, as well as in joyous celebration of our years together, on this land. We anticipate a year of profound, deep and healing work, intentional farewells, glad welcoming of new Mysteries, and laying the foundation for the continuation of this community, this philosophy, this dream that has touched the lives of so many.

Please join us.

So speaking to MY friends -- If any of you have been curious about the Grove programs... If you have wanted to come but were uncertain... This is the time. Next year may be all there is, on this land, in this form, that so many of us have treasured and loved. The priestess training work and personal growth work that happens during weekend intensives is phenomenal. The land contributes in countless ways to the success of the process, the feel of the community, the ways we all come together. The land itself holds some of the magic. And, quiet but I believe no less important, the land has the privacy to support skyclad labyrinth walks and such physical ways of self-awareness and peace with nature.

One year. One year of Mystery School and open events, and then we will have to say goodbye. Will you join us for the depths of Persephone's story? My tears know that I will be there, working with Persephone, learning to embody hope.

You can read more in their Between the Worlds online magazine, winter issue.
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