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Ok, That Was Funny

The cashier who checked me out at the grocery store tonight was TOTALLY HOT. (Ok, "checked me out" is perhaps a bad phrasing. ;) Rung up my order? Heh.)

I was out with Daniel getting our pantry restocked, so very large cart full. As we came up to the checkout area, I saw the guy off a ways dealing with something else and immediately broke eye contact because of the WHOA that hit in my head.... followed shortly by I wonder if I can avoid him so this awkwardness is minimal... followed very shortly by realizing that he was going to be on MY AISLE. No way to avoid. *laugh*

He was of course polite and friendly and outgoing and wanted to talk, and so I ended up making eye contact for the initial formalities (and 'cause really, a chance to intentionally stare him in the face? too much fun to pass up, if it was going to be unavoidable anyhow). And then I started pulling groceries out of the cart, and totally fumbled the pasta sauce while thinking about mentioning to Daniel that this guy was HOT. And laughed at myself and refocused to actually complete the transaction. Laughed about it with Daniel in the car after. It's so handy that he is fine with my attractions. :)

There are precious few guys who are sufficiently 'my type' that simple eye contact sends me into embarrassed intense attraction (though I can think of a few...). It's even more rare with folks I don't know personally. But there are a few. And tonight was one more... Hehe. Yay for friendly hotties.
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