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Making Boxed Lunches Work

I've been interested recently in bento lunches as a way to get healthy home-cooked foods to work, especially because of all my food intolerences that make it impossible to safely eat out. I have to home-cook pretty much all the time anyway; so I may as well make it easier on myself.

Typically I have been using Pyrex and Rubbermaid containers, which are okay, but I've noticed I tend to pack just one entree and get rather little variety of foods. I don't have any convenient way to combine multiple size containers and not just have a bag of chaos. The upside of bento boxes is that they're made to travel, they have spaces for multiple separate foods, and they stack and nest well. They're also pretty/elegant, which is nice, though not strictly necessary.

Mostly, I look forward to the convenience of getting my food to work and into the fridge without the drive and carrying across the parking lot causing things to shift... and without hauling a plastic grocery bag full of heavy glass containers that bang around and try to slide away. I have the advantage of a refrigerator and microwave at work, and I always keep a microwavable container on hand there, so I can pack cold-stored food easily and heat things up later when needed. I do plan to get some of the reusable silicone "cupcake wrappers" that can be used to partition foods and keeps things from leaking all over each other.

So this afternoon I brainstormed on what sorts of foods to cook this week, and what kinds of things I can pack that don't require cooking (like veggies), based largely on what I already had on hand. I did end up making a small grocery store trip to fill out just a couple things for soups later in the week.

Today's accomplishments: carrot sticks, cucumber slices, bell pepper, baked potatoes, sliced apples (in water), and melon chunks. Also, Daniel cooked up chicken for broth and eating, so we'll soon have more canned broth and canned premade soup. Also still coming tonight, hard boiled eggs, and if we can manage it, zucchini bread. This is a lot of food for roughly 3 hours of work; it was quite productive. Daniel and I are a good tag-team in the kitchen.

Right now I have about a half-week's lunches and a lot of healthy snacks. With another day or two of cooking, I will have two weeks of lunches and even more easy snacks. I'm finding it very reassuring and helpful to have a bunch of stuff cooked in advance, because when I do, my daily life is easier and more painless. Getting hungry and then not having the energy to cook is a rough combination.

Yay food. :)
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