Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Family Photos

I'm making progress archiving negatives from family photos. Looks like I've got a good span of years - probably have the majority or all of the boxes of photos that existed. I've been discovering film formats I didn't even know existed. I'll also have to get some medium format envelopes, as there's more medium format than I expected to encounter.

It's been fun. I found a clean print of a set of formal portraits taken of us kids, when before I'd only had molded dirty copies, so that was a gem to find. And the negatives overall are in excellent condition. I did have to carefully separate some stuck ones, and one pair I even soaked in running water to get it to let go. Even it came apart okay, and then dried back out just fine.

My parents were taking photos to document their lives from 1970/1971, when they were dating in college. It's been awesome to see the transitions over the years. It'll be even better once I have things organized, scanned, and easily sorted and viewed. Fun fun.

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