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Re-evaluating Goals

A few years ago (June 2006), I wished for a day when I would be strong enough to hike a few miles carrying camera gear, so I could begin exploring the local state parks and recreational areas, far away from the roads and parking lots. At the time, I sometimes struggled to walk 1 mile on clean sidewalk. The dream seemed so far off.

It's not so far off anymore. In fact, I passed it a few weeks back. I did 5 or 6 miles in one day rather casually. I'm ... not sure where to aim next. I'm thinking maybe I'll just plan on spending the Spring actually using this new freedom, and see what I think after that.

It actually has had an impact on my workouts. Since I met my goal, I've been less concerned with showing up to work out regularly. So I do need to decide what's next, yet reasonable, and motivating. Maybe it's finally time to get a personal trainer to work with for a bit.

So - I am acknowledging reaching the milestone that I set a few years back. Shaw Nature Reserve, which used to feel enormous, I can cover on foot and back again in an afternoon, no worse for the wear. As long as the heat doesn't get to me, and I don't run out of drinking water, the distance is fine, and the weight of my pack is trivial.

I did it. And once I have some hours to process them, I have the photos to show it.

So, now what?
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