Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Making Space

I've had about a week and a half of having the house to myself... and I'm working from home, as well, so I haven't seen many people in person. When I'm not working, I've been largely in nonverbal space, and really enjoying the quiet, the peace, the way I can sink into physical sensation, textures, tastes, and my own pacing. It's physical, kinesthetic, being in my world by being in my body. I can't do that when I'm talky talky.

I've enjoyed the light and shadow of sun through the patio blinds, the warmth and fuzzy of snuggly cats, the joy of stretching sore muscles, and the coziness of thick wool socks. I've lost myself in the lovely flavors of roasted vegetables, fresh fruit, roasted garlic, homemade pasta with sun dried tomatoes. I've found my strength and energy, and ideas on rearranging furniture, and did it, and felt great about the result. I've read a book or two and researched areas of curiosity.

It has also given me a chance to dream and emotional space to move into myself in clearer ways. I turned down the dial on my life-pacing and focused on just what I really needed and wanted. (It helps that kitty is gradually getting healthier too; fewer needs there.)

And in that space, immediately new thoughts arose, new dreams, and energy I needed to pursue them.

My life before was the overflowing cup of tea and now there's a little space. Space in which I could nurture myself. Space in which I could cook and eat and dream and do.

Tags: artistic/creative, declutter, self-tending
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