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(I need a better 'earth' icon.) I'm planning to go hiking at Shaw Nature Reserve this weekend. If no one comes with me I'll go myself anyway. But STL area friends - anyone interested? It will probably be a lot of walking, on the order of 2-4 miles, at a steady pace, on good (but moist) trails, with stops for camera fun. The terrain is hilly and yes it can be tiring to walk that far if you're not used to it.

Daffodils are in bloom, and I'm also hoping to try to get close to the bluebell area, though they may not be blooming for another week or two. And I'll have to check with the visitor center to figure out exactly where to go, and whether we can get close without one of their guides.

There's a Friday event on April 17, group trip to the bluebells with a staff guide, but as it's a work day, I'm not sure yet whether I'll be able to do that. This weekend is as much an attempt to figure out whether the bluebells are accessible to normal visitors, and if so, where.
Tags: exercise, photography
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