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Not My Day

I'm underslept (late night + early meeting), and spent all day fixing broken code. Ended up being a 10 hour day and I'm not quite done. Oh well.

So I got off work, and wandered to the kitchen to fix myself some food - since I was a bit shaky from hunger, and worn out, and generally cranky. Put out fresh food for the cats. Went to the sink to wash a dish, and hit a glass with my elbow that I couldn't see through my currently messy long hair. Woops. That's one less dish I'll have to wash..... ever.

30 minutes and one broken glass later, the glass was swept up, the cats had entirely refreshed food and water (for safety), and I was still hungry and a bit more shaky. And I had the occasional shard of glass being held off by the leather that is the bottoms of my (often barefoot) feet. Cheers for all the time I've spent going outside barefoot this Spring - it toughened up my feet enough that I didn't get a single cut, despite digging at least 10 pieces of glass out of my feet as I cleaned up the kitchen. As to why I didn't just put on shoes? Duh, then I'd drag that glass all over the rest of my house before noticing it, and that would really suck. At least when it touches my foot, I notice it and pick off the grit.

The cats were kind enough to make themselves scarce from the moment of impact, and stay out of my way while I cleaned up. Smart cats.

While I was sweeping it up, one of the larger pieces of glass went skidding under the stove. It wouldn't come back out with the broom. I put on a nitrile medical glove (puncture resistant), and tried to gently pry it back out with my fingers. No go, it was curling around the stove underside, and I didn't have clearance to get it out. Wandered around looking for a board to put under the leg, found an unused bookshelf shelf, and lifted the stove enough to shove it under. It worked; glass came out on its own and I could toss it.

Swept the rest of the floor again, hand-mopped a few places, and finally got it basically clean. Grabbed some fruit for myself, ate a bit, and then took a shower... and got a spontaneous nosebleed. Sigh. Nothing serious, just annoying. I've been prone to them the last few days; dehydration I think. The humidity shift plus bending over to pick up shampoo probably restarted it.

Now I'm waiting for my feet to dry and toughen back up before I wander around the kitchen trying to fix a real dinner. Need that leather back. But I'm clean. I still need to syringe feed a cat and then I can get some sleep. And OH do I need it. Cranky I am, yes yes.

In the next two days or so, in addition to work and cat care, I need to:
* get stamps and send off bills
* get my paycheck and pay rent
* get kitty litter and dry cat food (critical)
* do dishes

And, hopefully, get enough sleep and food that I stop being clumsy. 'Cause clumsy means I'm WAY too dang tired.

There was ONE good thing tonight. Well, two I guess (I also avoided cutting myself on the broken glass), but mainly: Hope is now off his pain pill, and immediately began eating voluntarily again. He hasn't eaten a lot yet, but it's still a far cry better than where he was. In time perhaps he really will go back to eating for himself. Crazy cat.
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