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New Buds

I'm back from my Grove weekend, and it was excellent - for the companionship as well as the work. I'm worn out, as usual, so not a lot of depth in my post tonight. Work comes entirely too early tomorrow morn. And still, I feel full and refreshed in a way I haven't in a long while. I needed to be with people, and I got that.

I also took a walk on the land, today after closing, and found a multiflora rose bush with new leaves beginning to come out. Green leaves, some of the first while everything else is still brown and gray. It was a fun discovery. I look forward to the rest of Spring's new buds and growth.

My new hiking boots are breaking in admirably. They're stretching and adjusting to my feet and were surprisingly comfortable for being so new. I also felt distinctly unfeminine wearing pants and hiking boots to ritual while the other gals were in gorgeous flowy skirts and things, but still... the hiking boots are SO me. I am so much a country girl and outdoors practicality matters to me. It's not exactly that I can't present as feminine, as that most of the time, I have more pressing desires like comfortable feet, or dog-proof clothes, or warmth, or somesuch. I still miss it once in a while though; it'd be nice to feel pretty sometimes.

My mind is starting to drift, which tells me I'm sleepy and it's time to wrap this up. I may post a more in-depth post to my mystery school filter. I tend to get wordy once I dive into it. There's rarely enough time during a weekend to talk through all of my thoughts; have to let someone else speak too. :)
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