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A normal day

Sleep, wake, eat pancakes, work. Make lunch, work, get done.
Spend a few hours talking to Daniel. Make dinner. Enjoy tasty dinner. Get done.
Make sure the cats are fed and medicated.
Relax online briefly. Go to bed.
Hopefully sleep.

Somewhere in there was good discussion on Daniel for figuring out our immediate future and priorities, and house reorganizing, and kitchen efficiency, and so on. I continue to be amazed at how joyful and touching an experience it is, just to create home and do mundane tasks with him. Groceries, meals, laundry, cat care. This is a quiet love that has grown deeper with our years.

Scheduling has been hectic in my life lately, but a side effect of that is that I'm spending more time focused on quality of life upkeep, which means time working with him, side by side. I've missed that; it's good to be back.

And my experimental soup was yummy, and my kitty is enjoying his new chicken baby food and eating a healthy amount, finally. Yay for kitty.
Tags: love, self-tending
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