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Peacock Dreams

I woke up this morning, with a persistent sensation that I had just come from somewhere awesome in my dream, if only I could remember where... Then I remembered.

I was in a clothing store, and looking at a skirt that came in several patterns. And I when I say several patterns, I mean, you touched a button just to the right of the skirt to choose a tiling pattern, and the skirt instantly switched to that pattern. I had it on kind of a light black on dark black shiny lamé with a small upwards-flying-geese triangle pattern. I had tried a few other shapes but wasn't as excited by them. This one produced a good visual texture both up close and from a distance.

As I looked at the skirt, I was also thinking through colorful hip-scarf options that might be a fun way to add flair to my choices. This was inspired by a peacock-design I saw some months ago on a bellydance site. Since the (dream) skirt was overall a fairly smooth dark color, a brightly colored hip scarf seemed like a fun choice. And I had just begun mentally exploring the options for crocheting myself something colorful, when I woke up.

I still remember some of the designs I had come up with, including an open-work style in a multicolored thin yarn. Pretty cool. :)

I love my sleepy artistic brain. I get more awesome visual designs while I sleep than I ever would have guessed. Part of it is being able to hold the image in my mind and see it manifest in front of me, where I get a "complete" picture. That makes it easier and fast to embellish artistically or try variations.
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