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Sweetest Dreams

It's one of those days. I'm in a mood >:) And reading a website I came across a photo of a lady that reminded me of a pretty lady I crushed on once upon a time. And then my thoughts strayed to night dreams, sweet and sexy and sometimes involving very recognizable friends. Usually, friends I wanted to be more than friends with, and for whatever reason circumstances didn't take it that way. But dreams could. Fun, sassy, and always simpler in dreams than in waking life... sad when I woke up, I didn't want it to end. Yet so glad for the dream-memory; it's better than nothing! Eases the pressure that I feel with respect to unrequited crushes.

Too bad I haven't had those dreams about a few of ya I still try to pretend aren't holding my attention that way. It might make life easier. Just a dream, no harm done. Or maybe it'd just make me blush more when I stumbled over my words. Heh. :)

Sometimes being bi and having persistent crushes on friends really frustrates me; it's not like I can plan on having women-friends to avoid the crush potential. Or guy friends to avoid the crush potential. But tonight, it's just making me giggly. *grin*

My life stresses let up a bit and I conquered a few of them for now. I'm in a good mood and dreaming of the Spring.

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