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Mystery School 2009 Info

For those who may be curious about Mystery School...

The Diana's Grove website has a fascinating new update. There is a video on the front page, of Cynthea Jones telling the story of Atalanta. She is a gifted speaker, a storyteller; one of the founders of the Grove, and listening to her tell a story is an amazing experience. It's one of the large reasons I attend intensives in person. As far as I know, this is the first time they've published a recording of her story telling. If you have a few minutes... listen.

Other info... Registration this year is open until the end of February (versus end of January in previous years). This means you have the opportunity to come to a weekend and experience the work in person at the Grove, before deciding whether to sign up for the year and online community. If you're curious but unsure whether it's for you, this just might be a way to find out. The event calendar is where you can find more detailed information. There's an email address and phone number on the left side of that page, if you have specific questions for the staff.

The Philosophy of Leadership event, particularly, could be a way to see how the skills taught in Mystery School can be applied in the "real world" of jobs, teaching, community organizing,and group dynamics, as well as leadership in the context of a spiritual community.

I'm signed up for my year and really looking forward to where the story of Atalanta takes us. She is a woman living outside convention - a runner, a hunter, when those jobs were taken only by men. She is a free agent, living life as it is right for her, bound by vows never to give up her power, her self. I am approaching the year as a way to examine my own relationship with convention, with being unconventional, with knowing my authentic self and acting from it. And I'm sure I'll discover more facets along the way.
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