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Crochet Cables Scarf

Working with a pattern from a book, this is my first run with crocheted cables. They're neat! I'm struggling a little to maintain consistent gauge and size the cables accurately (my work is curling slightly especially at the beginning before I knew what I was doing)... but overall it's going great. The pattern is intended to be worked entirely in the cream yarn (presumably to show off the cables), but I don't have enough of it on hand, and I do have matching brown wool, so I'm going to do a mix. I'll probably do asymetrical color block repeats -- 1 2 1 3 2 1 or something like that, to give it more interesting stripes. Might experiment with graph paper to figure out what I want there. I plan to do color changes at the end of a block, so I'll always have a complete diamond of a single color.

I had an amusing moment when I realized I'd missed one of the puff stitches, and had to rip back two rows and redo it to put the puff in. It would have looked ridiculous without it though, like someone had stolen a ball right off of it.

This and my rainbow afghan are the only projects I currently have open, since I finished the socks. The afghan is an easy project (and travels well); I wanted something more challenging to try as well. I still need the pattern grid for the cables for now. I suppose I could scan and print just the grid if I wanted to travel with it... for now it's in a large clunky book.

I'm excited about finally understanding how cables work. *grin*
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