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Walking walking walking

Went to the gym today (this is a win by itself, since the ice storms have been preventing me lately). Hit a new treadmill milestone: 3.1 miles in 60 minutes. The first 2.0 miles of that was in 37 minutes, roughly 3.3 mph the whole time. And, I previously was stopping at 40 minutes of walking; today I did a full 60 minutes.

I literally cannot remember a time in my life when I ever walked 3 miles in one go - not even in college when I was on my feet all the time. The most I ever knew I had done was 2 miles. I finished tonight, still feeling pretty good, and rested and stretched for a couple minutes on the benches, and then the enormity of what I'd completed hit me. I almost felt like crying with surprise and joy at having done it. I'm especially amazed because I have missed most of my workouts for the last 5 weeks, and I've been feeling it.

I keep holding on to a goal of hiking about 7 miles in a state park (marked trails) with a camera in the spring some year. I've been wanting that for the last three years or so, but my physical condition was nowhere near being able to do it. I think, this time, it actually will be.

I wish I were losing weight faster, but at least I'm getting strong. It's something.
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