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Socks! They're done! (Click for zoom-in.)

Pattern came from here.

My biggest issue with these was my (mistaken) choice to use a multicolored yarn that has short color runs (about three inches each). As you can see from the photos, I had a really hard time keeping any sort of clear pattern from row to row; the stripes are a bit 60's psychedelic. A slight variation in tension or loop size had a cascading effect on the pattern, and each time I set the project down and came back to it a few days later, my tension was a little different.

So I aimed for consistent tension so that the sock would size correctly, and let the colors do whatever they were going to do... but still it gave me fits. There was one section I kept undoing and redoing trying to get it to look less stupid, and I did finally get back to a reasonable tension, but bleh! Next time I do this, I plan to use either a solid color yarn, or a yarn with more forgiving long color runs.

This was worked in a bamboo-soy blend sock yarn. I like the texture and bit of stretch, and it was an easy yarn to work, though I do need to find colors that are easier to work with.

Still... socks! Yay socks!
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