Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

In the depths

As fall brings shorter days and longer nights, I find myself pulling inside to daydreams, wondering, imagination, and a quiet creativity. Some of it will come out in fiction I write. Others will simply bubbling in my mind. It's been very much an introvert time for me. I'm also trying to get myself going to the gym more, which is taking time I would normally use for blogging. All said, I may simply be quieter on here for a while, as life goes on in the daily pattern. Family will be visiting for Thanksgiving, which also means I'm a bit busy with house preparations for that.

Still, I'm fairly happy, which is encouraging... normally November is my hardest month for seasonal depression, so knowing I'm usually getting enough light right now gives me hope for the rest of the winter. I'm feeling the impact some (sleeping more, craving carbs, drifting to a later bedtime), but it's not the extreme lethargy that it can sometimes be.

I still have a sick cat to care for before bed, so I suppose this is all I really have time for right now.
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