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Anime and Food

I had a relaxing weekend; some fun game playing with friends, and then anime and good food. Back to the daily grind tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's mid-November already, but winter is clearly coming.

I also experimented in the kitchen and figured out how to make coconut sweet rice (with actual measured ingredients this time instead of guesses). Mmm tasty nondairy desert.

Recipe for the curious:

1.5 cups dry sushi rice, 2 cups water, cook in rice steamer (36 minutes or so).
Put cooked rice into a bowl big enough for mixing.
Add 2 (14-oz) cans coconut milk and 4 or 5 tablespoons of white sugar.
Mix well.
Refrigerate, serve cold.

Also good with fresh ripe mango in it, though use less sugar if you do that, for better balance.

I have brainstorming to do for some stories I'm working on, so I think that's all for tonight. Friends on RSS, you may want to log in to read other recent posts.
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