Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Progress All Around

Daniel helped me "fix the stupid" around our house this weekend, and clutter is gradually becoming organized and properly tucked away. Our living room is opening up a lot, which is so pretty. My craft storage came into the office with me, and that's working well. And the stinky cabinets that wouldn't stop outgassing (after over a year of ownership) have been booted to the garage. My office smells better now.

"Fix the stupid" = poorly used closet space, poorly stacked items, things not grouped with other like items, etc. It's the final stages of really "moving in and unpacking" that didn't get done earlier. Fixing the Stupid is also what we needed for "make sure everything has a home" so that cleaning up is much faster, and so we have enough storage for it all.

Making progress in other areas... I have noticed I can fit into a size smaller pants (barely, tho), and can lift heavier boxes than I used to. Yay to that. I tried out a new exercise at the gym today; it's a chest press machine similar in motion to doing a pushup, but in the air using weights. I can do a whopping total of 5 pounds on each arm, and that's hard. (HAH.) The machine goes up to over a hundred, I think. It's no wonder that I've always had trouble doing pushups. I think I'll be working with that one a lot, and slowly building ability there.

I'm a bit tired, and Daniel's flat-out asleep... Life's been tiring lately. At least the cats are doing fairly well now, and we don't have too much longer to go before they're fully back to health. Still on 3x a day care for now though.

I still have odds and ends of tasks to do before my weekend is over, so I guess that's all my update for now.
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