Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Doing Okay

I'm feeling better after some rest and as life stress settles out. This has been a long week, largely due to dealing with two sick cats (who are, gradually, getting better). When I get a chance to slow down, my mind goes wandering off in imagination, which is at least a fun way to spend the time.

And Daniel found some highly entertaining anime with clutzy teen baby-witches, who are very silly, yet surprisingly accurate at being teenagers. So we watched some tonight, and it was very goofy and so much fun.

I think I will dream very strange and silly things tonight as I sleep.

My cat says hi. Actually he says meow, but in that special version of whine that actually means hi. Really. It does.


Now it's time to say goodnight before he clears my desk of all its interesting items.
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