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Important Work

I just reorganized my entire library room, in order to find a poetry book that contained 8 lines of text I couldn't remember from the middle of a poem.

Yeah, I cared that much. :)

Now the labeled boxes of books, from moving, are standing on shelves with their labels facing out, instead of in a messy pile in the middle of the room where retrieval is impossible. And I can walk through the room properly. And the room isn't scary anymore. Yay me.

Art of Making-Do by Helen Lowrie Marshall

When we were young we never knew
   What it was to be poor,
Though now I know the old wolf
   Must have camped beside our door.
But those frustrations caused by lack
   Of wealth, we never knew,
For very early we were taught
   The art of making-do.

We learned to use the things we had,
   Plus our imagination--
And what a wealth of happiness
   We found in our creation.
We watched our parents use the art--
   A craft they dignified
With ingenuity that fed
   Our honest family pride.

And that resourcefulness we learned,
   Has served us well these years;
Belief in one's own powers tends to
   Minimize life's fears.
Our children have a great deal more
   Than we, as youngsters, knew--
But they've been cheated of the art
   And fun of making-do.
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