Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Suvetar (Goddess of Spring)

Some of my friends may wish to know about this. One of the favorite songs played at the Grove dance parties - Suvetar, Goddess of Spring - is available as a music video directly from the band's website.

You can see or download their original for free here: Music Videos (click Videos to get the list)

Their album list shows covers. Suvetar is on Sfojn from 2000.

Or you can grab the version I converted to be ipod friendly using freeware (since the original was .rm which requires that you register software with the RealPlayer company for $30, to enable convert to ipod)...

I don't generally redistribute music. But I figure, the band themselves has put it online in its entirety... that seems like they intend for it to be seen. (Plus, they titled the page: "Free mp3 files for downloading.") But ipod isn't realmedia format friendly.

And it's a gorgeous song.

Also the iTunes store has a couple of their albums available for purchase. Amazon mp3 hasn't heard of them though.
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