Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown


I miss... the sweetly tiptoeing scent of the earth in Spring, gliding in on a warm breeze... an approaching storm so thick I can feel it hanging in the air, clouds heavy with water... tiny green shoots of newborn grass, still bent over, peeking out of the mud between my toes... streams babbling with the season's first rain, their sounds echoing through the forest of still-empty trees. I miss the lightness of my shoulders as I trade in my winter sweater for a tank top, my arms stretched out and riding on the wind... the subtle shift of color as the gray clouds give way to a blue sky, bright sun, sparkling on the fuzzy leaf buds in every tree. I miss dancing in the thunderstorms, barefoot in the grass, soaked to the bone and laughing, giddy, on aliveness of the moment... then standing a bit closer to the campfire, warm and bright, talking quietly with other giddy friends. I miss the dry soft heat of a summer night breeze, lifting my hair, caressing my skin, whispering and inviting, come with me, come with me, come see, let's go, let go, release, sweet night come see, come with me... sweet night wind, leading me deeper into the song of the forest, under a starlit sky... I miss the twist and sway of my muscles as I dance with the wind, dance in the moonlight, sing, stretch, and reach, alive, entwined, releasing, dancing, movement leading movement, loosening, softening, breathing, letting go... warm night wind, breath of summer, inviting me, sweet summer nights.
Tags: camping
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