Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Hiking and Photography

I picked up three books at the bookstore tonight... "Hiking Missouri," "Exploring Missouri's Legacy: State Parks and Historic Sites," and... "Stretching."

I figure I'll need that third one if I intend to make real use of the other two. :)

I also spent quite a while looking at photography books, especially landscape and nature photography, trying to figure out what I need to improve next. I came up with a few things:

1) Depth of field - I've been lazy about not bringing a tripod and thus I can't easily shoot at f22 for a 1/2 second exposure time. But shooting at f8 doesn't give me anywhere near enough sharpness, so many of my large landscapes are really weak photos. The solution is to get a tripod that doesn't weigh too much, and always carry it.

2) Time of day and weather - My best shots have been done when the weather was weird, the time of day was unusual, etc. I only have a few of them, though. I need to get out a lot more during sunrise and sunset, rainy weather, and interesting days.

3) Flat field of vision - Nothing beats a large format camera with tilt/shift movement to keep the trees standing perfectly vertical. It produces a richness to the composition that I really love visually. Would I have the discipline to use a tripod and shift lens if I had one? I don't know. I'll file this one under "maybe someday."

4) Interesting locations - I could make better use of what is available, but I'm not going to be photographing a field of wildflowers in my backyard when I'm living in the city. I could do a lot more interesting stuff with the Botanical Gardens, and I should really go there with a tripod and plenty of time to try shooting some stuff with hyperfocal focus and maximum depth of field.

Some things I'm already doing right -
* shooting with a polarizing filter nearly always
* watching for colorful reflections and color of light
* watching quality of light especially during unusual times/weather
* shooting away from mid-afternoon
* paying attention to rain and wind

So... I look forward to getting myself into good enough shape to do all kinds of hiking with my gear. I also am glad to have a book with mileage of trails in it, so I can start simple. And even before that, I plan to do some photo walks around the city, for initial practice. Not sure when, though.
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