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What Do I Want

I'm having a slow boring day at work, with no assignments, so I've had way too much time to think and dream. And look at pro photo websites, with beautiful nature photos. And think about going hiking.

Taking really great photos requires a good location and flexibility in time of day (preferably any time except mid-afternoon, but especially pre-dawn and during sunset).

A good location typically requires state parks or serious scouting of private land; the state parks are easier.

Navigating a state park requires the ability to hike 2-3 miles carrying my photo gear on my back, and still be able to breathe and compose photos when I get done. Ideally it also includes having a lightweight tripod.

Hiking 2-3 miles with gear requires muscle strength and walking endurance that I don't currently have. I suck.

Fixing this requires that I walk a LOT more, which depends on being healthy enough to walk at all. It also probably requires that I start doing some shoulder exercises; my shoulders are in pretty bad shape from computer work. And my knees ache from lack of exercise too.

Why do I end up wanting something that is so far away?

I also realized that if I want to hike the local parks, it would help to have a guidebook to the trails and options; I'll probably look around for that sometime soon.

Having excellent photos is more fun if I have a place to display them. This depends on me finishing the living room rearranging and furniture purchases. And THEN I can start figuring out frames and hanging possibilities.

Getting the living room clean depends on re-organizing my closet for more intelligent use of space, and also ordering furniture that will hold some of my larger items.

This all requires money AND time AND energy. And probably also some negotiation with the other people in my life to make sure I'm not imposing too much on their plans and ideas either.

I'm not sure how much of this counts as stuff that feeds my soul, but at minimum, it might give me some direction and focus in daily life. I guess that's a good thing.
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