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April 16th, 2011

I'm Back!

I got the new job I was applying for. Yeah!!! 100% telecommute, which will be such a change. I put in my notice at my current job, and heard a fair amount of "we're sorry you're leaving -- you're talented!" Awww. :)

I'm spec'ing out a laptop for purchase through the new job. Related, I've got a bunch of decluttering and cleaning to do around my desk, so assembly of the new stuff is viable. There's probably 5 hours of organizing and cleanup work that needs to be done.

I'm also filled with a brainstorm of info for my current job's issues, with stuff I hope I'll be able to share on Monday or Tuesday (this is my last week of work there). And, I have another big brainstorm of stuff related to Sex Positive St. Louis, which is a new local organization I am becoming active in. I'm so excited about ideas I have to share, but I'm feeling squeezed for time to get them written up and sorted out.

Daniel and I got our bed frame (from years ago) reassembled today and the bed back on it. That was quite a task, as it's a king size, and we hadn't had the strength to wrestle it until recently. That bed frame was among the first real wood furniture we purchased after getting married, and it has lots of lovely memories of our first home and the beautiful days before he fell ill. So I am beyond thrilled to have it back, set up, and looking beautiful in our bedroom again. It's a simple arch and bars design, and a gorgeous wood that glows in the afternoon light. And it matches the rest of the bedroom set. :)

I was squeeeing all afternoon. Hell, even my cat is squeeing!! He has spent almost the entire rest of the day curled up on it, blissfully rolling around, and snuggled in happier than any other recent day. I think he remembers it and I think he missed it too.

Setting up the bed frame was the final step I needed to feel "moved in." It got taken down years back when we thought we were moving across the country, and then we decided to stop in St. Louis for a year or two... seven years later, I've been in the same rental house for three years and have declared I'm staying put. So the bed frame is finally reassembled and I'm HOME. It's such a profound and quietly deep sense of completion.

With the upcoming job change and all it means for my career and growth, I really feel like my life is getting back on track to where it should be. I've learned a few important things at my short-term job, and I don't regret taking it. And, I am already ready to move on. My mood is stable and happy, and I'm enthusiastic about life again. I'm done grieving the job loss in January, and although I miss the people, I see what's next for my career path and it's so exciting that I am totally ready to dive in.


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