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December 12th, 2008


I can haz weekend? Plz? Ok, I can haz weekend.

Long days lately, though those tasks are pretty much done now, including the late night run for replacement kitty litter. There are things that it just sucks to run out of.

I continue to make progress on the pair of socks I'm crocheting. I'm "mostly there" on both socks, doing the final rows just before the toe seams, and then I go back and fill in the heels. I'm doing both socks together, so I don't end up with one finished sock and one not. :) Plus the designs match better this way. However, I think in the future I will be purchasing SOLID COLOR yarn for making socks, or yarn with very long stripes, because this 3" run per color stuff is for the birds - insanely frustrating to keep consistent from one row to the next. I like the bamboo/soy yarn blend though; it's stretchy and easy to work.

I keep thinking about crafts this Christmas, especially since I'll be home. I don't have all my rooms set up quite right yet for easily reaching all my supplies; painting in particular is still buried. But some things are doable, and once I get the socks done (soon, I hope) I will explore some other craft choices. I do have other things prepped, including some beginner quilting. I'm in a mood to slow down and create stuff, rather than buying stuff. Painting, coloring, sewing, crocheting, digital designs, anything creative.

What I'm not getting to is exercising at the gym. We've had a lot of rain and ice storms lately, and cold cold nights, and I've had late nights with work, and it all comes together to me not going. More ice coming in next week too. I'm starting to feel the ache from not moving enough, but eh... the weather hurts me, and some nights it hasn't even been safe to drive. I might get there this weekend; I might not.

It's quiet. I'm tired and slow. Back to some playtime and then sleep, I think.


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