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November 21st, 2008

Hanging in There - Cat updates

Dancer has gotten better; he's on a low dose maintenance med (and takes his pill just fine), and he's playful and eating and drinking.

Hope continues to be sick. He was getting better, and then suddenly stopped eating and started throwing up. The first anti-nausea medication gave him bad side effects, and this second one is, well... it's yet to be seen. It's got to be at least a little effective, 'cause tonight he voluntarily ate a bit, and so far he's keeping it down; and no obvious side effects. After some cuddle time he left and went back to bed, where he's sleeping soundly (and relaxed, a good sign) in the dark. Before he got sick the second time, he had been eating plenty by himself during the day. Now we'll probably have to syringe feed him again for a while till he regains normalcy. And he's back on daily sub-q fluids, though he accepts that like a champ now. It helps that Daniel learned technique from the vet assistant who was doing it for us for a while.

Poor baby. We have no idea why the nausea came on so badly after he seemed to be getting better.

Anyway so we're tired and emotionally exhausted and still trying to catch up on house cleaning and such. It's been a long day. Being up early to call the vet made us both more tired, but it was so necessary; it's why we got a new medication for Hope today.

Sigh. I get a weekend but I'm too tired to enjoy it. And I'm too worried about my beloved kitty to sleep very well, either. I keep hoping that it will be just a few more days, just a few days and kitty will get back to normal. He's only 10, he's not an old dude yet, and doesn't have any other known health problems.

Hang in there little kitty.



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