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August 10th, 2008

Quiet Weekend

I slept a lot. (14 hours one night.) I wonder if I was sick with a summer cold? Not sure. But I slept. And I cooked, and ate, and made a new nano cozy. Pics maybe later. Cotton yarn instead of acrylic, and much smaller gauge, so it's tighter and less stretchy and less likely to have my nano fall out while I'm jogging. I did some crazy things with the pattern too (working a row of single crochet till the edge butted against crochet going the other direction, then doing a weird combined stitch to join the pieces and jump up to the next row to go back down the other way). Crazy but it worked.

No gym this weekend. Too tired yesterday (did I mention I went to bed at 7:30 pm and slept 14 hours?). And today, busy with other things, didn't feel like going. Still feeling a bit tired and weak. So, we cooked instead, and cleaned house. It's way better. I feel peaceful as a result.

I dreamed of goddesses last night. If I could remember more I'd tell a story, but the basics of it was that I was in the land of fairy and archetypes, and talked in person to a few of faerie-queen/goddess types, and met a dwarf king (of a winter land), and generally had a little adventure. There was a female Pan (tho looking human or at least fae), playing the music of life, soft and sweet on a violin - or rather, a stringed instrument very similar to a violin but with a longer neck. Not sure of its name, though a quick web search turns up the mandolin as a very good match. She played elegantly and beautifully. Another lady was there, a queen or goddess of some sort, and she danced lightly with me, and smiled at me, and said some things that helped me feel very accepted and belonging. She had fancy hair and a fancy dress, very elegant, and she moved gracefully and felt very present and attentive.

It was a beautiful and sensitive adventure, and then time shifted and I woke up. Sometimes there are advantages to sleeping 14 hours in a night - lots of dreams.

I rested, I worked on some of my personal projects, and time has gone by. Pretty soon I'll sleep again. Maybe my energy will come back in a day or two.



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