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August 3rd, 2008

Being In My Body

I almost didn't go to the gym today... Daniel and I have been trying all week to go there together once, and the glaring bright sunlight was causing his headaches to fire off. But then I got a bright idea - or perhaps a dark one. Go after sunset. No glaring sun to trigger headaches.

And then... I got deeply involved in photo projects and it was quite late before I stopped. Around 10 we headed off for the gym anyway (it's 24-hour, no excuse not to go!), and I'm glad I did. I feel good now. And being in the water is bliss.

I started at the gym one month ago. Walking 30 minutes at 2.0 mph was a bit difficult that first day. Tonight I did 25 minutes at 3.0 mph, with a two minute burst to jogging at 4.0 near the end, and it felt like a fairly low-key workout. My weight is still about the same (maybe dropped one pound), though my clothes fit better, and my endurance and strength are much greater.

Since I met my goal for the month (exercise 3 times a week every week), I put a "rose" sticker on my calendar at the end of the month. I hope, a year from now, to have collected 12 of them, and then I will celebrate. And if it takes me 13 or 14 months to get my 12, that's okay - I'll celebrate whenever the 12th rose comes in.

It helps me so much to have a way to measure my participation and progress. And pretty stickers are fun!

I am happy.


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