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June 23rd, 2008

Thinking, Planning, Wondering

I'm up early today. I blame low battery in the smoke detectors (chirp!). I also went to bed early though so I'm doing fairly well.

My mind is swirling with things I want to do.

I have new yarn (so beautiful!) and want to crochet a bunch of simple projects so I get practice and good results. I have many ideas.

I have recently had a renewed interest in reviewing math, specifically geometry, trig, and then calc. That will take a while, as I want to get a lot more formal rigor out of it than I did the first time through in school. Very doable though; I leaned towards 85-90% right in school so I should be able to top that during review if I commit the effort to it. I want mastery this time, not just basic understanding.

And I want to know it so well because... math opens doors to new areas of programming and formal learning. Game development will rely on much use of physics, which is easier to do if I'm confident in the math. I also would eventually like to get into formal algorithm stuff, which often seems to include a smattering of high level math. Math is something I can be very good at, when I learn it fully, and I miss having it at my fingertips.

I also miss music. Activity and scheduling has been a bit chaotic at home lately, and I haven't made it over to my drum during a time when it wouldn't disturb anybody. I'd still like to get back to that. And I've had a renewed interest recently in learning bellydance, though I still am utterly failing to put time in my schedule for a class. Mostly I notice that I want physical activity and I'm not getting enough.

I also have some volunteer web work / photo work to do, which I look forward to, and need to find time for somehow. And I still want to get my house organized too.

So many things I'm excited about, and so little focus to pick one and do it well. Anyway, off to work with me for the day.


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