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January 29th, 2008

Mixed up Fairy Tales

Little Jenny Goblin-Yarn wanders from the family barn, under the swing by the garden wall, and into the gingerbread house. She ties her yarn to the doorknob there, beneath the sign: "Enter - If you dare," and then peeks into the house.

A bowl full of fish sits tight on the right; one red and then blue; or is that two fish tonight? A bit farther in, and she hears Pano the Train thank the Engine that Could, who brought his caboose to the game. They raced round the table and made the fish dizzy, till the Cheshire cat's paws smacked them all in a tizzy. Then in flew a 'dactyl, to set them back up, muttering "could be worse" into his tea cup.

She rolled her yarn ball past the loud table games, and into the nursery she quietly aimed. The twins in their cribs tried to hop down on pop, but pop was too quick - pop stayed up on top! The twins giggled cutely and then tried again, but pop was so fast that they both slid back in.

Stiffling a giggle, Jenny crawled door to door, ducking the madness with her yarn on the floor. Then softly, so softly, past the library wall, she heard a voice crying - a voice very small. On to the bathroom, then up by the sink, she found a tiny old woman dressed all in pink. "My dogs, my dears," the old woman said, "so sorry you're gone, oh what's ahead, what's ahead." On the faucet she sat, and her tears dripped and dripped, till she worried Miss Jenny more than a bit.

Jenny stood up so slowly, and coughed just a bit, so the wee tiny lady would not fall off it. "Why do you weep? And what is your name?" she asked her real softly, then added, "Jenny's my name." The woman looked up with a start, and then paused, "Stella's my name, and I weep for my dogs. But their story's a hard one, and not for those who can't handle the sadness where the red fern grows. So never you mind, child, what I weep for; what I want to know is who opened my door!"

Jenny blushed shyly and looked at her toesies. "Twas me I'm afraid - I got a bit nosy. I hope you don't mind, ma'am, that I came through your door - I was on an adventure! I love to explore."

The old lady stared and then started to smile. "I've had no visitors in quite a long while. You must be a brave one to discover my door; it's hidden on most days, as said in the lore."

"The lore?" asked Miss Jenny, "You're one of the fae?" The old woman laughed. "Think I grew this way?" The little old lady was but six inches long, and Jenny felt silly to have missed it so long.

"So Stella's your name, but who are you really?" "Why, the Fairy Godmother, of course, for little Cindy." With that she stood up and wiggled her wand, and her pink dress's wrinkles were suddenly gone.

Then off from the distance came a strange little sound, and curious Jenny looked quickly around. "Ah that," said the fairy, "You'll want to see that. You think you can find your own path back? But hurry, yes hurry, oh do be quick - or all that you see will be gone, snicker-snick!"

So grabbing her yarn, Jenny traced her path out, until she came face to face with a very large... snout! A snout, but the door? Jenny stared in confusion; it seemed she was having a terrible delusion! The house, oh it vanished, and the edges, how scary; the walls gobbled up by a large mouth so hairy!

She pulled on her yarn, and she ran for the door, and just as she jumped, the thing swallowed the floor! She ran to the field and she spun madly round, panting and wondering what she'd just found.

"How awful, how awful, they'll eat up the fairy!" Miss Jenny, she shook, as she found it quite scary. But then with a tinkle, a twinkle, a gleam, she heard fairy laughter, "Tee hee hee, tee he! Twas a trick, pretty child, just a fun trick for thee. The Walrus and the Carpenter are visiting for tea!"


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