Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote,
Jenny Brown

Critical and Creative Thinking

Reading about how gifted kids are often better at critical and/or creative thinking...

Critical thinking involves: judgements about such things as the Consequences, Assumptions and Accuracy, Meaning and Main point, Prejudice or bias, Evidence and Examples, and Reliability and Relevance of information. Critical thinkers have to be objective, open-minded, and clear minded.

Specifically, critical thinking is when the BS detector is running on High. In some cases, we even find ourselves unable to absorb information if it seems irrelevant, incomplete, or biased.

Creative thinking involves: Creative thinkers usually have to take risks, incubate ideas, fantasise, have a sense of humour, and be sensitive to creativity about them.

Creative thinking is different from critical thinking in that it basically involves the learner being prepared to "break away" from usual or dominant patterns stored in their brains. Creative thinkers ask themselves different questions to critical thinkers as they try to change, rather than judge, things and ideas. They C.R.E.A.T.E., that is they often Combine, Reverse, Alternate, Twist, and Elaborate things and ideas.
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